Bay Tree Kitchen

We love our food at Bay Tree, we produce delicious and nutritious home made meals. We pride ourselves on a wide and varied menu consisting of meats, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. We encourage children to try different varieties of food from around the world, yet are mindful of special dietary requirements for religious and cultural reasons and do ensure that medical requirements are fulfilled.

Bay Tree Day Nursery kitchen received a 5 star rating on 2nd June 2014 from South Derbyshire District Council

Morning Break Time

In the mornings we offer milk or water together with a healthy brunch snack. We encourage the children to select their own food options; they are also supported in pouring their own drinks too. Our Pre School room has a free flow cafeteria to enable children to help themselves to snacks as required.  If you would prefer for your child (1-2 years) to have formula milk you will need to provide this as and when required.


Lunchtime is a happy social occasion; we serve our meals from 11.30am through to 12.30pm.  All children sit down to a delicious home cooked meal and an alternative option is available every day.  We encourage children to make their own selections wherever possible and change our menus to ensure everyone receives a good variety of foods.


Teatime begins at 4.00pm and this is a traditional afternoon tea. Our cook will prepare all the children’s favourites including warm crumpets, soups, rolls, crudities, cheese and fruit platters.

We display our daily menu in reception each day for parents and carers to view and we welcome all requests, we love to expand our menus and provide children with different choices and experiences. Below is a sample of some of the meals we offer the children in our care.

Menu Sample  

Breakfast: Selection of wholegrain cereals, Toast with butter, Jam selection, Marmite or Honey, Porridge, Fresh juice, Milk or water.

Lunch: Homemade meat pies with new potatoes & peas, Fruit Jelly & Ice cream. Roast chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage and gravy, fromage frais & fruit. Pasta bake with salad bar, Blackberry & apple crumble with cream. Shepherds pie, mousse with berries. Lasagne, garlic bread,  bananas & custard. Chicken Korma with rice and naan, Jam Tart with whipped cream. Chicken & sweetcorn pie with mashed potato, green beans and broccoli, apple pie & custard. Fish goujons, Potato wedges. and peas, Bakewell tart and custard. Mediterranean style chicken, rice and wraps, muffins.

Tea Time: Hot Crumpets with butter, Pizza, whole meal Toasties with filling selection, Sandwich selection with salad,  Soup of the day with baguette. Hot Dogs,  Beans/cheese on toast.

Tea Time Treats: Fruit muffins, cookies, lemon cake, fruit platters, Tray bakes, yoghurt, flapjacks, ice cream cones,

Please note an alternative will be offered at every meal time. A vegetarian option with also be adapted as per menu.